Minimum features

For this project we aim to have at least the following features. We would rather have a good base game with high quality gameplay and visuals than a ton of features resulting in a project never being completed. We can always expand upon the basic features when they are done. Our minimum feature-list for the game is:

  • Resource collecting
  • Ship customization
  • Base building
  • Multiplayer
  • Audio, lighting, making everything look great
  • Homeworld like combat and smooth controls

Patreon (play the game now!)

Stellar Warfare is developed by 1 guy. Me. I’d like to spend more time on developing this game, but I am currently working on this project next to a fulltime job. If you support me on patreon you can get some nice rewards(+beta access!) and help me fulfil my dream of becoming a fulltime gamedev.

Press Kit & media pack

Updates & discord

Recent updates are on the discord channel which can be found here: . I will also attempt to post some updates below!

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