Unit design weapons & modules are now visible in the tooltip

Unit design weapons & modules are now visible in the tooltip. This means you can inspect enemy ships to see what kind of loadouts they have. That way you can improve your ship based on those designs.

I’ve also:

  • Added 3 new modules
  • Fixed tooltip for buildings
  • Fixed tooltip for Surveyor & Harvester
  • Made tooltip information available in SP and in MP
  • Fixed the Production Beacon ships not adding weapons/modules to new reinforcements
  • Added a shield/bulkhead combo
  • Escallation, Support & Artillery buildings now need to be unlocked
  • Medium & heavy ships now need to be unlocked
space RTS 2021

space RTS 2021


You can now find all these things ingame. Kill enemy ships to find loot.
Find games via discord: https://discord.gg/KrWbsdX
The new version for backers in the backers channel on discord. Make sure to connect your patreon to your discord before checking. I will also post the latest version on patreon in a second!