Week 11 update

Week 11 update

This week the two of us have worked quite hard again on improving the game. We have added some usability improvements and did a pretty big overhaul of unit health values to see how that influences the game meta.

We need your help

We are working as hard as we can right now and put a lot of time, effort and money into this project. Personally I put about 70 hours per week into this project so that we can release the game in less than 5 months. We could really use your assistence though by spreading awareness of the game wherever you can. The more people share this project and help us with the marketing side the more time we have for the actual development of the game. Oh yeah and supporting us on Patreon helps a bunch too and can get you some pretty cool rewards ^^

This is what we have done in week 11:

  • Fixed asteroid sizes and harvester harvestdust location
  • Added bigger shipyard death explosion
  • Fixed Missile pods using turret models
  • Checked if no additional modules were added to ships by the game systems since we reduced the amount of module slots
  • Module slot 2 and 3 position in the ship editor were at eachothers positions. Corrected.
  • Added 2 more default modules, bringing the starting modules to choose from 3 to 5
  • Removed the new shipyard boost effect
  • Extra cursor for recording purposes can now be set so that streamers always have a visible cursor if they want
  • Decreased minimum build distance
  • Played testgame with programmer
  • Made health and shieldbars square again
  • Added 13 new points to the todo list based on feedback & testing

  • Created tables for each of the ship stats
  • Calculated & wrote down justifications for why we think certain units should have certain stats
  • Made it so that the ship stats can easily be modified as a whole (for example have all light ships have 20% more health)
  • Updated all ship stats
  • Fixed megalodon rotation
  • Fixed megalodon engine
  • Checked shield sizes for all ships
  • Ship loadout info now visible in the build menu (weapons and modules)
  • Fixed faulty weapon and module information was shown when not all weapons/modules were used
  • Weapons and modules now show up in tooltips in SP and MP and the build menu. If you have two bulkheads it will show up as 2x bulkheads rather than seperated
  • Added icons to the “Unlock Medium” en “Unlock heavy” ships
  • Split up the “Abilities & unlocks” menu into “Abilities & Upgrades” and a “Unlock tech” menu.
  • Changed inactive zabu colors
  • Force non-transparant background for build menu backdrop items
  • Renamed ‘Select design slot’ to ‘Saved Designs’ in the ship editor
  • Numerical shield values for units are now only displayed if a shield generator is installed
  • Asteroid height is now displayed when placing structures near them
  • Neutral building height is now displayed when placing structures near them
  • Surveyor height is now displayed when placing structures near them
  • Updated icons in the ship frame selection dropdown of the ship editor
  • Photoshopped new sky
  • Added blue, greenblue, yellowgreen and green skybox
  • Asteroids are now stored more efficiently in a global list that is refreshed every .5 seconds
  • Zabu generators now change color correctly for the local player as well
  • Made backgrounds of all menus more consistent
  • Loading indicator now disapears after x seconds

  • Added sounds to the shipyard upgrades
  • Added sounds to tech unlocks
  • Added sounds to the build boost
  • Tweaked sound volumes
Backers & patreon
  • uploaded new MP build for backers
  • Fixed the multiplayer disconnect bug
  • Fixed ships sometimes getting stuck
  • Improved on the AI
Wave defense game mode
  • Added a boss for the wavedefense mode
  • Wavedef boss now always moves towards the shipyard
  • Removed time-based win for wavedef
  • When boss dies you now win
  • The boss no longer spawns right away in the wavedefense mode (oops)
  • Changed the ‘time until next wave’ into ‘Defeat their flagship!’ for the last wave
  • Reset enemy wave spawn times

Thats about all we did for this games production thats relevant to you guys. We’ve done some talking to publishers, advisors, contractual stuff and a bunch of overhead as well. But that’s not something that should be put in this list.

Hopefully this will give you guys some insight into the time and effort we put into this. I’m going to play a 3FFA match tomorrow with some backers and will hopefully give you guys another really big update next week!


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