This broad roadmap is subject to change. Some features and things might be added that are not on there. Some things might get removed if it turns it out just doesn’t work out.

That being said, this is the general plan. After march there are 3 months reserved for more testing and possibly implementing features the publisher deems necessary.


For January we have the following features planned. The main goal of this time period is to add more functionality and possibilities for the player. More options, more things to do, more ways to defeat your enemy.

  • 2D healthbars
  • Range indicators repair building
  • Press backspace to reset camera
  • Splitting up the ships and some weapons into factions
  • Increase the amount of designed ships from 5 to 10
  • Show what weapons/modules enemies are using with a tooltip
  • Add team functionality
  • Add veterancy
  • Add a module that increases weapon accuracy on a percentage base
  • Draw lines from ‘booster buildings’  towards the objects that they boost (toggle showing them with a button like the health/icon toggle)
  • Add the option to easily override weapon sounds, detonation effects, weapon visuals, muzzle flare visuals
  • Tweak audio so that closeby weapons sound more often than far away ones
  • Lerp/smooth camera movements
  • Sync hyperspace jumps ounds over network
  • Add upgrades for the shipyard (missile battery, shield, selfrepair)
  • Increase power/metal storage
  • Implement new voice lines
  • Add artillery buildings
  • Add shield buildings
  • General bugfixing
  • Continue lore writing
  • Create a demo for the steam game festival
  • Increase AOE flak visuals
  • Optional: carriers, flak destroying missiles


For February we plan to mostly work on a campaign. We are not sure how in-depth this will be or how big of a challenge it will be. A campaign is a lot of work and costs certain gamedev companies years to complete. We plan on creating a campaign in a month, so we have to really clever about it. Depending on the results we will adept on how this goes.

  • Create a basic campaign
  • Game visuals tweaking
  • Game sounds tweaking
  • Implement attack move
  • Level generator/set number of resources
  • Implement lore and voice lines into the campaign and have them made into voiceovers


In March we want to complete the campaign, bugfix, playtest and perfect the color palette and visuals of the game.

  • Implement voice over recordings
  • Polishing
  • Bugfixing
  • Perfecting the scenery color palette mix

April, June, May

During this period we just want to play, finetune and add things we feel are still missing from the game. There might also be publisher-related features that will have to be implemented and things that are required from Steam or other platforms before our game can go live there. We plan to use this time for that, and also to try to get the number of wishlist additions to 50.000 before release so that we have a nice big playerbase.

  • Implement voice over recordings
  • Polishing
  • Bugfixing
  • Perfecting the scenery color palette mix